Introducing: DuxTel Internet Commander System


The DuxTel Internet Commander System is a holistic internet communications system comprising the following components:

  • DuxMaster internet gateway appliance – a plug-and-play counter-top device providing the master internet access controller services.
  • DuxBooster wireless network extender – add one or more DuxBooster devices to grow, expand and extend network coverage.
  • DuxAdmin internet services management suite – a sophisticated online administrator application as easy to use as an internet web browser.

Together, these components provide a flexible yet powerful set of internet management systems. Functionality provided includes:

  • Custom Internet Domain Maintenance – manage your email and web site domain/s.
  • Integrated email account management – add, remove, modify your own email addresses.
  • Web site administration – manage web sites complete with ftp access manager and site visitation statistics.
  • Internet Hotspot Ticketing Solution – sell internet access with one-use pay-in-advance access tickets, over the counter or by credit card over the air.
  • Provide Internet Access by Wireless (WiFi) or traditional Internet Café model.
  • Commercial ISP solution – manage and maintain permanent internet access accounts, including flexible access plan creation and administration and automated accounting and billing systems.
  • Portable access ticketing - participate in syndicated access groups, or “go it alone”.
  • Corporate access management – regain control of access to internet by staff and other business users.
  • Administrative user rights manager – create and manage administrative users and delegate control of various subsystems.
  • Corporate VPN service – connect remote or branch offices together using the built-in Virtual Private Network capabilities.

Ideal for tourism and accommodation operations, schools and clubs, libraries, health centres and surgeries, hostels, entertainment venues and small to large businesses of all kinds, the DuxTel Internet Commander solution helps you take control of your internet systems, turning your internet services from a cost centre into a profit centre!

How it Works:

Each DuxTel Internet Commander system requires at least one DuxAdmin access appliance, and a single DuxAdmin access account. The DuxMaster device provides the access management services and includes a high performance wireless access point (WiFi) base station. The built-in base station will provide coverage up to approximately 50m indoors, or 150m outdoors depending on the client device used.

One or more DuxBooster devices may be added to the system to extend the wireless coverage, or to improve signal strength in particular areas. The DuxMaster and DuxBooster devices work together in a wireless mesh operating as a single functional network, and thus can also be used to bring wired (Ethernet) services to various locations without the need for traditional network cabling.

The online administration application, DuxAdmin, can be accessed from any internet connected workstation at any location. The online application provides all the tools and functions required to manage and maintain the DuxTel Internet Commander Solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Turns your internet services from a cost overhead to a profit centre – many business operations today treat internet services as just another cost overhead required to keep the modern business operating and efficient. This solution provides a means to treat your internet service as a resource for generating real revenue.
  • Operate within government regulations – it is not well known that federal government regulations require that commercial sales of any internet services must be covered by a registered service provider holding a current carrier license issued by the ACMA. This solution allows you to meet those regulations by allowing DuxTel to act as the ultimate Service Provider.
  • Holistic Internet Administration System – the DuxTel Internet Commander solution provides a one-stop application to handle all your internet requirements, including email address and web site services.
  • Take Control – now you can avoid potentially long delays waiting for your ISP to make changes to your web sites, email addresses, and passwords. The DuxAdmin application provides all the tools you need to deal with these tasks immediately and in real time.
  • Grow as you need it – the innovative DuxMaster and DuxBooster combination allows you to start small and then grow as large as required. A simple solution requires only a single DuxMaster appliance, and then grow to include many DuxMaster units (e.g. one or two at each physical location) plus one or more DuxBooster devices to improve range and signal strength where needed.

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