Business Network Solutions

Business Wireless Networks and Systems Integrators

Take Control…

Expand your communications.


DuxTel Commander Solutions give you the ability to take control of your web and Internet access in the workplace.

Innovative and progressive businesses from SMEs to large corporations and community organisations are establishing workplaces based on wireless connectivity. Many of these groups do not have the technical expertise in-house to implement this effectively and face significant setup and maintenance costs.

The DuxTel Commander Solutions provide:

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Stress free operation
  • One Click User Setup
  • Technical issues already addressed and solved with user friendly web controls
  • Low installation and operational maintenance costs
  • Central administration of all network resources
  • Self management of VPN, Website, email and FTP

Internet Service Provider Solutions


ISPs and Web Managers

Independent ISPs and Web Managers require unique capabilities to be competitive in their markets. Client satisfaction is critical in maintaining and attracting business.

The Solutions provided by the DuxTel Commander System provide a platform to give ISPs and Web Managers the extra edge they need and allows them to diversify for growth.


By providing a unique management system at cost effective rates and client driven administration systems, ISPs and Web Mangers can get on with the job without many of the hassles they currently face.


The DuxTel Commander Solutions do this by providing:

  • A simple and easy Graphic User Interface
  • One Click user setup
  • Built-in billing and invoicing
  • Independent Reseller chain management
  • Integrated Online payment solutions
  • Technical issues already addressed and solved
  • Low relative cost for installation and management
  • VPN, Website, email, FTP and advanced routing support