Sports and Entertainment Venues

The opportunity now exists for easy deployment of WiFi internet and email services to visitors to sporting and entertainment venues around Australia.

DuxTel Commander Solutions provide an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and experience, improve the appeal of your venue to non-sport users and generate revenue through the sale of Internet access, advertising placement and even online purchasing.

There has been significant and growing discussion about the delivery and growth of mobile rich media and with the newest generation of WiFi enabled mobile handsets hitting the market, more and more people are looking for new opportunities to access immediate and relevant location-specific information.

The growing demand for information is coming from business and the general public alike. Deployment of the DuxTel System will deliver:

  • Rich media including streaming video
  • Interactive  location and event information
  • Live information on scores, laps etc.
  • Promotions and competitions
  • Ticket sales to other venue specific events
  • Information on other events, games and sport scores etc.

The advertising potential for delivery of this rich media content are endless. The revenue to be generated through this is limitied only by imagination.

Conference and Trade Show Venues

Arranging a Trade Show in Sydney?

A conference amongst the vineyards of the Yarra Valley?

An exhibition in the sunny Gold Coast?

WiFi connectivity is now a critcal part of any Conference or Trade Show.


Take Control…

The DuxTel Commander Solutions are perfectly suited to both permanent and temporary locations.

“The conference and trade show venues find providing wireless hotpsot access for exhibitors on an ad hoc basis to be a total pain so they charge a lot for it.”
Major Australian conference organiser.

The ease of setup and simple installation make providing Internet access a snap. DuxTel Commander Solutions can provide professionally designed deployments and with customer initiated account management you are relieved of the regular setup tasks which take time and resources

The DuxTel Commander System also provides the ability to support marketing and information services. The built in analytics will give valuable feedback on users and sites of interest.


Earlier problems providing temporary or precinct-wide WiFi coverage have been overcome by the Duxtel Commander Solutions methodology with its advanced WiFi appliance technology and the sophisticated robust DuxCommander Management System.