Tourism and
Local Government

The DuxTel Commander System provides a low cost deployment of WiFi Internet services to visitors to the main tourist precincts around the country. Bring new marketing opportunities and information systems in a way that will provide benefits to tourists, businesses and councils in the area.

Councils will be able assist in keeping their precincts competitive and attractive to businesses and tourists alike.
Business will have new ways of getting their marketing message to local customers as well as to the important Tourist sector.


There has been significant and growing discussions about the delivery and growth of mobile rich media and with the newest generation of WiFi enabled mobile handsets hitting the market, consumers and travellers are looking for new opportunities to access immediate and relevant location-specific information.

This growing demand is coming from all segments of the tourism market.


Take Control…

A DuxTel Commander WiFi Solution will deliver:

  • Rich media including streaming video
  • Interactive maps, location, tourist and event information
  • Product and service offerings from businesses in the precinct














Regional Community Wireless Networks

The central social hubs of many regional towns are the shopping centres and community halls where people interact with each other as well as business. Effective Communications are a vital part of Regional and Rural lifestyles.

Regional Communities are able to utilise wireless technologies to aggregate their demand for Internet and band together in one unified Wireless Internet Network.

A Community Wireless Network can provide:

  • Information Services
  • Local Marketing
  • Low Cost Internet Access
  • Mobile Connectivity

Earlier problems providing precinct-wide WiFi coverage have been overcome by the Duxtel FreeNet deployment methodology, its advanced WiFi appliance technology, and sophisticated robust back end management system.


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