DuxTel Outdoor Wireless Solutions

DuxTel's range of flexible and robust wireless equipment delivers network solutions for a variety of outdoor network access applications providing Enterprise Grade reliability and performance.
DuxTel wireless solutions are selected to provide a stable connection to a variety of client devices over wide areas and link distances of more than 10Km for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for equivalent Carrier Grade solutions.

A DuxTel wireless network delivers all of the advanced modern wireless encryption mechanisms plus advanced features including dynamic wireless mesh with multiple gateway support.

The DuxMaster Outdoor Gateway
Contained in a custom made housing this sophisticated wireless access gateway is capable of accepting connections from any standard wireless device including laptop computers and WiFi enabled mobile handsets.
The outdoor gateway system offers flexible hardware configuration options including:

  • Multiband operation for 2.4 GHz and modern 5GHz spectrum.
  • Three or more independent antennas for dividing customer access cells to manageable sectors.

The DuxMaster gateway system also offers an optional proprietary wireless protocol centrally managed to maximise wireless throughput even with large numbers of client links. It will operate in difficult and noisy environments and help overcome the "hidden node" effect that can bring generic WiFi systems to a grinding halt.

DuxBooster Outdoor Network Extender

By deploying one or more outdoor DuxBooster systems, you can grow and extend your outdoor access coverage in a flexible and ad-hoc manner to deliver services to large areas encompassing potentially hundreds of square kilometres.


The DuxBooster scans the area for nearby DuxTel systems setting up stand-by links.  Selecting the neighbour with the strongest signal it connects to DuxMaster gateway.
If the primary link fails for any reason including loss of power to the neighbouring node, the DuxBooster chooses the next best link and automatically redirects traffic even mid-stream of a data transfer connection!


DuxTel wireless systems deliver the performance you need from a carrier grade solution with the confidence that unexpected outages will be automatically dealt with to minimise customer disruption.
Outdoor DuxMaster and DuxBooster products are fully compatible with the matching indoor versions, making it possible to construct hybrid indoor/outdoor networks covering multiple buildings such as educational campus or building & construction sites.

DuxClient CPE
Available in 2.4, 5.8 or 5.4GHz versions, the DuxClient CPE is a low cost and high performance system capable of delivering a high speed and a stable link to customer sites more than 10Km from the nearest DuxMaster base station, or DuxBooster Extender.

The DuxClient also supports the proprietary network control protocols of the DuxMaster systems to provide the kind of quality and robustness not achievable with generic wireless systems.


DuxLink Point to Point System
Point to Point solutions are available in class licence spectrum including 2.4, 5.4 & 5.8 GHz.