Hotels and Accommodation Providers

Accommodation and Hotel businesses are very much aware of the fact that an internet facility is very important for their customers.

DuxTel Commander Wireless Solutions helps increase business value and is cost effective for the accommodation provider or hotel.
Revenue generated from Internet Access fees can be quite significant and with the DuxTel solutions you will also spend less on installation as there are no expensive wired connections to install.


Take Control…


Hotel Customers are wary of poor performance and lack of support of Wireless Internet by unsophisticated installations or third party providers.
DuxTel Commander Solutions will provide professionally designed deployments and with the Easy to Use DuxAdmin Management System you can take control of your own in-house systems without a degree in IT.


DuxTel Resellers are able to provide the full range of solutions for the accommodation industry and are specialists in this area of ICT services.

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Internet Café and HotSpot Providers

There has been significant and growing discussion about the delivery and growth of mobile rich media and with the newest generation of WiFi enabled mobile handsets hitting the market consumers and travellers are looking for new opportunities to access online information and maintain contact with family and friends.



The demand for traditional Internet access from Internet Cafés on fixed PC’s and Laptops is being overtaken by this new demand for wireless access on handheld devices.

HotSpot providers must embrace this or risk losing customers and sales. The DuxTel Commander Solutions are designed to make this transition as easy and as affordable as possible.

The DuxCommander System provides:

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Stress free operation
  • Technical issues already addressed and solved with user friendly web controls
  • Low installation and operational maintenance costs

Hardware Solutions