DuxTel SOHO and Enterprise

The DuxTel range of SOHO products deliver a flexible range of products ideal for both the small/home office environment and the larger business remote access and branch VPN services, all at an affordable price.

The DuxGate Internet Gateway is presented in a tiny desktop device that belies the full compliment of powerful features included. This compact solution provides 5 fully configurable fast Ethernet ports that can be set to perform functionality of a switch or router, with virtually unlimited firewall and routing capabilities.

The DuxGate platform delivers all the functionality that you might need to fit your connectivity requirements, including:

  • fully featured state of the art firewall, capable of individual packet inspection of more than 50 independent attributes
  • full range of remote VPN client and server functions including PPP, PPPoE, PPPTP, VLAN, EoIP, IPSEC and more
  • multi-link internet service - up to four independent internet services with capability for a range of load balancing, load sharing and even link bonding mechanisms.
  • full compliment of routing control systems including RIP, OSPF and BGP
  • flexible policy based routing systems
  • internet web proxy, access control and walled garden
  • advanced traffic management for QoS and traffic prioritisation (e.g. prioritise voice traffic ahead of www downloads)
  • port mirroring and intrusion detection (IDS) support


The DuxGate Pro Internet Gateway delivers all of the features of the DuxGate product. With an enhanced system CPU and onboard RAM to cope with higher workloads that might be expected within a busy commercial environment of more than 50 personnel. Also featuring 5 super Fast 1000Mbps Ethernet ports, the DuxGate Pro is capable of supporting a large and mobile workforce by delivering flexible and controlled access to company intranet resources.

The DuxGate Enterprise router goes one step further, with 512M of system memory plus a 1.3GHz PowerPC CPU, delivering an enterprise grade solution for any sized organisation. And with a price tag of less than a quarter of comparable alternatives.

Together with the DuxTel Commander solution, DuxGate systems deliver the maximum value for your IT dollar spend. TAKE CONTROL of your entire remote access and internet resources including VPN access control, internet email account and web site administration, and home office or branch office connectivity.