DuxTel Indoor Wireless Solutions

DuxTel's flexible and robust wireless equipment deliver networks for any indoor application for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for equivalent ENTERPRISE grade solutions.


The DuxMaster Internet Gateway:
This device provides a managed gateway between public, private and internet networks with powerful firewall security.

It delivers all of the advanced modern wireless encryption mechanisms plus advanced features including dynamic wireless mesh with multiple gateway support.

Take control of your network access, and manage who is able to connect, when, and what resources they are able to access.


The DuxBooster Network Extender:
By adding one or more DuxBooster network extender devices you can grow your DuxMaster wireless coverage in a flexible and dynamic way.

The DuxBooster scans the area for nearby DuxTel appliances and sets up stand-by links. By selecting the neighbour with the strongest signal it connects to DuxMaster gateway.

If the primary link fails for any reason including loss of power to the neighbouring node, the DuxBooster chooses the next best link and automatically redirects traffic even mid-stream of a data transfer connection!

DuxTel indoor wireless systems are ideal for a variety of applications including:

Indoor DuxMaster and DuxBooster products are fully compatible with the matching outdoor versions, making it possible to construct hybrid indoor/outdoor networks covering multiple buildings such as educational campus, building/construction sites and industrial complexes.


Together with the DuxTel Commander suite of advanced administration and management software, DuxTel allows you to TAKE CONTROL of your network access infrastructure.