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MikroTik Australia - Community Resources

As the premier MikroTik distributor in the Australasia region, we are proud to support the Australian MikroTik Community by maintenance of online member-only and public mailing lists and other online resources.

Special thanks also to Connectivity IT for hosting of the email list servers!

MikroTik Australia Mailing Lists:

  • MikroTik AU - Public - Mailing list open to anyone and everyone!
  • MikroTik AU - Jobs - List for posting job offers and jobseeker resumes
  • MikroTik AU - Members - For members only - contact the list moderators for further information

RouterOS Configuration Templates:

  • Common appliance templates including point to point bridge, CPE and hotspot gateway configuration template scripts available for free download here.

RouterOS Configuration Examples:

  • Some interesting and unusual configuration examples for real world applications can be found here.

Technical Articles:

  • Technical articles related to various wireless and public access concepts are available here.
  • Top level index of all published articles is here.


Other articles:
Some Q&A type articles can be found here.