About Us

DuxTel Pty Ltd is a company specialising in innovative internet and communication services and solutions.


The DuxTel solutions offer users high levels of control and flexibility in the deployment and administration of WiFi and Internet solutions to meet a wide range of needs.


The power of the DuxTel systems comes from the technological strength, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the DuxTel Commander backend administration system.


Take Control...

The DuxTel Commander suite delivers automated configuration and device management and seamlessly handles operations with an analytics module that provides a wide range of reports.


DuxTel also provides a range of devices designed for simple installation and management with optimum reach for wireless clients.


The DuxMaster is the central management appliance and is supported by a range of Wireless and other devices from Mikrotik and other major manufacturers.


DuxTel offers packaged solutions tailored to suit a variety of business types, including:

In fact any organisation seeking to take control of their internet services stands to benefit from DuxTel easy to use solutions providing flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions for a high range of applications.


Not only does DuxTel Commander have the best solutions in systems management but also the Hardware required for secure and reliable delivery of network and WiFi services available at highly competitive prices.


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