Product Application Example

The Metropolitan FreeNet

A solution delivering rich media information and communications to Metro-Area residents, businesses and visitors.



Imagine a service capable of delivering rich media including streaming video, interactive maps, event information and product and service offers available from nearby vendors. We have seen much discussion about these types of services especially in the context of 3G carrier networks, but the sheer cost of access to those commercial networks has been a significant barrier to consumer take-up.
Now, with the newest generation of WiFi enabled mobile handsets hitting the market, such as the HTC Dream, the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Storm, consumers will soon be seeking new opportunities to access immediate and relevant location-specific information.


The FreeNet Appliance

Enter the DuxFi WiFi media appliance, with simple plug-and-play deployment delivering a highly functional information delivery system in one small package.
The power and flexibility of the DuxFi appliance is drawn from the centralised management and administration suite hosted within DuxTel’s secure data centre, delivering automated configuration and device management via dynamic Virtual Private Network technique between the device deployed in the field and the DuxAdmin servers at the data centre.
 Subscribers to the service can deploy a DuxFi unit to a suitable location at their premises, such as a register counter, or storefront window, and immediately enter the world of the DuxTel FreeNet.


FreeNet Features

Installation of a DuxFi appliance immediately adds the subscriber’s selected web site to the available content on the FreeNet walled garden list, and so available free of charge to any WiFi enabled laptop computer or handheld wireless device.  Prospective customers will open their mobile web browser, and be immediately directed to the FreeNet subscriber’s own information portal launch page, providing links to the subscriber content which may include anything from web site to online shopping cart, to notifications of special offers, local information guides, pricing or preview details.
For example, restaurants might provide access to the current menu, reviews, customer testimonials and so on.  Music and media outlets might provide samples of media and entertainment titles.  Real estate agents can deliver rich media presentations from their current property portfolio. Local tourism bodies can promote destination highlights and business groups can provide media and event information.


Revenue Generation

Every DuxFi appliance comes complete with an embedded public access broadband internet hotspot, with a built in online credit card payment engine to securely accept end user payment for access to internet resources not available within the FreeNet context. Managed and supported by one of Australia’s premier WiFi internet  service providers, internet access has never been more readily available in regional and metropolitan sectors.  With a revenue sharing opportunity for subscribers, participating in this innovative project is a low cost exercise – potentially even cash positive!


Advanced Intelligence

Built in to the DuxTel solution is a powerful set of intelligence gathering and processing tools.  Although privacy considerations rule out collection of sensitive personal information, wireless users accessing the network can be identified by a unique yet anonymous serial number. Using these unique identifiers, and recording various network related activity within the FreeNet systems, it is possible to gather useful visitation and movement data.  Not only is it possible to extract highly relevant information quantifying FreeNet value in driving traffic to the various web information, but it even becomes possible to map individual consumer movement as they each peruse various information available via participating subscriber organisations.


Visibility Options

There exists a range of visibility options open to FreeNet participants, depending on their own particular requirements for access to the WiFi enabled consumer:

Basic FreeNet Entry and Participation: Simply by purchasing and installing a DuxFi appliance, the subscriber may publish their nominated web content to the FreeNet walled garden, and utilise the built in hotspot functionality to potentially generate additional revenue from internet access ticket sales. The subscriber’s business is promoted on the customised DuxFi launch page, as well as a link to the nominated web content.

Premium FreeNet Membership:  Further promotes the subscribers business and FreeNet published web content to selected launch pages throughout the FreeNet network, as well as access to a range of demographic and consumer movement and tracking data and statistical reports.

FreeNet Partner Program: Program partners enjoy access to the full range of available intelligence, and improved opportunity to publish content to the FreeNet walled garden. Partner program participants enjoy widely distributed promotional content on all launch pages within the Freenet network.


Integrated Roaming and Tracking

When connected to any broadband internet service, the DuxMaster device automatically establishes a Virtual Private Network (VPN) link back to the DuxAdmin application, and is therefore capable of immediately becoming a part of a wider network entity, thus sharing information distribution and access services throughout the virtual network community, and even track individual device IDs and usage habits.