Product Application Example

WiFi delivery of Real Estate Marketing

This document presents a solution for delivery of targeted Real Estate marketing information to prospective purchasers’ mobile and handheld devices such as smartphones and PDAs via advanced wireless technologies.

The solution features entry level functionality plus a range of innovative enhancement and extension options.


The Technology

The DuxTel solution is based on proven wireless technology commonly referred to as WiFi and supported on all modern smart-phone devices and laptop computers. Cutting edge 802.11n standard wireless is also supported as an option.

The hardware controller utilised is the DuxMaster Internet Gateway system, which supports one or more DuxBooster network extenders to increase the range and coverage of the wireless access cell.

Behind the wireless network technology is DuxTel’s own Internet Commander solution providing advanced management and administration systems including Captive Portal management for fine control over what resources are accessible to connected users, as well as powerful firewall functionality designed to protect business and administrative network resources from public access.


The Solution

The DuxTel solution is offered as base plus optional extensions. The base functionality provides a means for prospective purchasers to browse selected resources for free when within range of an enabled location.

Selected resources would generally include property listings and general locality information such as maps and local attractions.

By default, any device that connects to the service will be automatically directed to an information page identifying the service and containing specific links to additional information such as holiday rental listings and properties for sale, etc.

An enabled location is typically within 100m of a DuxMaster network gateway or DuxBooster appliance deployed to a suitable location such as a shopfront window or outdoor sidewalk canopy.

Signage is recommended to promote availability of the service to prospective buyers, and availability of general internet access can also be promoted to attract passers-by to access the service.


Internet Access HotSpot

The base solution includes a built-in fully functional wireless internet HotSpot system.  By offering access to general internet resources such as email and general www, it is possible to attract other potential customers to view marketing information even before they might have any immediate interest in Real Estate offers.

This is a great way to increase brand awareness and to promote services and special offers.

Furthermore, the ability of the DuxTel systems to accept credit card payments for access to general internet services provides an opportunity to generate some additional revenue from this system.

The operator of the DuxMaster gateway is free to define their own internet access plans based on time and/or download amount, and able to set their own pricing schedule.


Optional Feature – Expanded Wireless Coverage

By adding one or more DuxBooster network extenders, it is possible to increase coverage of the wireless network.  Depending on the requirements, range might be increased to cover an entire shopping district, or even a small town.

There are some regulations administrated by federal legislation that is relevant to this kind of service, however, so any specific design should be considered in the context of the relevant rules.


Optional Feature – Internet Access for Guests

As reliance on internet services for business continues to grow, many holiday-makers will actively seek accommodation with internet access services available. Often, accommodation without this service will be overlooked by prospective
guests, and so potentially reducing full occupancy potential of a given property.

By installing a low cost internet service and DuxMaster Gateway device to a rental property, a managed internet service can be provided as an optional extra service to the property owner.

Visitors will then have the opportunity to purchase internet access at prices determined by the Real Estate services provider, perhaps in discussion with the property owner.   Not only is it then possible to cover costs of delivering an internet service to the property through sales of access to guests, but it is also possible to generate additional revenue, especially during the peak season.

The DuxTel solution provides unique flexibility of revenue sharing making it possible to implement any revenue sharing arrangement that might be negotiated between the property owner, the Agent, and the DuxTel service reseller.

The property owner and/or Agent can even package internet access into the rental price, if preferred, and still limited to online time or downloaded data.

Access to the property internet service can also participate in the content network defined by the Agent, providing free access to local and tourist information as well as general real estate directory listings.


Optional Feature – Shared Ticketing

Due to the central delivery structure of the DuxTel
solution, it is possible for an end user to use internet access purchased from one location at any other participating internet HotSpot.

It is even possible to negotiate special arrangements with independent parties, such as cafes or other accommodation venues, to accept internet access tickets sold by the Agent or owner properties at their own HotSpot service.

This capability provides a unique marketing opportunity for local hospitality venues to attract additional customers to their business, as well as an opportunity to generate additional revenue from their own sales of internet access services.


Optional Feature – Access Tracking and Usage Intelligence

When any device connects to a DuxTel service, a unique serial number associated with that device is stored in the system togther with information about where that access was established and the time and date of access.

Using these unique (and entirely anonymous) identifiers, it is possible to track the movement of end users as they traverse the physical network of Hotspot locations.

It then becomes possible, for example, to detect that a prospective buyer has observed details of a property at the central office, and then a few minutes later arrived at that very property a few minutes – or days! – later.  It is also possible, if there were a DuxMaster device at every property, to observe which are the most common properties viewed by visitors, and the order in which they are visited.

This kind of market intelligence has a wide variety of uses, including assessment of marketing spend or provision of feedback to property owners.


About DuxTel

DuxTel Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 after 5 years development of the flagship solution the DuxTel Internet Commander.  Since it’s launch in 2007, DuxTel systems now deliver advanced network solutions to hundreds of independent locations throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania under more than a dozen independent brands.

DuxTel is services are delivered from DuxTel’s own secure datacentre in North Geelong with full power redundancy and three independent internet uplinks.